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Comidas Con P - Platanos

¿Busca alimentos que comiencen con la letra P? ¡Lo tengo cubierto! ¡Aquí he compilado una lista de más de diferentes alimentos que comienzan con la letra P!

¡Cuéntame si nos perdimos algo!

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Pescado is a popular ingredient in many seafood dishes, including ceviche and fish tacos. Pescado is a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids..

Pico de Gallo

Pico de gallo is a type of salsa that is made with fresh tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and lime juice. It is a popular condiment in Mexican cuisine.

Pollo a la Brasa

Pollo a la brasa is a Peruvian dish that consists of roasted chicken marinated in a blend of spices and herbs. It is often served with french fries and a spicy green sauce called aji.


Piñata is a traditional Mexican party decoration made of paper mache filled with candies and small toys.


Pozole is a Mexican soup made with hominy, meat (usually pork), and seasoned with chili peppers, garlic, and onion.


Platano is a starchy fruit similar to a banana, but less sweet and commonly used in Latin American and Caribbean cuisine.


Paletas are Mexican ice pops made with fresh fruit, water, and sugar. They come in flavors such as mango, strawberry, and lime–among others.

Pan Dulce

Pan Dulce is a sweet bread that is popular in Mexico and Latin America. It is often served with coffee or hot chocolate. Pan Dulce comes in a variety of shapes and flavors, including conchas, cuernos, and orejas.


Picadas are a type of Mexican street food that consists of a small, thick tortilla topped with refried beans, cheese, and salsa.

Pavo en Mole

Pavo en Mole is a traditional Mexican dish made with turkey and a rich, flavorful mole sauce made from a blend of spices, chiles, and chocolate.


Pambazos are a type of Mexican sandwich made with a soft, round roll that is dipped in a red guajillo pepper sauce, then filled with chorizo, potatoes, lettuce, and cheese.


Picadillo is a popular Latin American dish made with ground beef, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, and spices, often served over rice.


Pochoclo is a popular snack food made by heating dried corn kernels until they pop and become fluffy.


Pepitas are roasted pumpkin seeds that are a popular snack food in many Latin American countries, often seasoned with salt, chili powder, or other spices.


Pulpo is a popular seafood ingredient in many Latin American and Mediterranean dishes, often grilled or served in a salad.


Papadzules are a traditional Mayan dish from the Yucatan region of Mexico, made with corn tortillas filled with hard-boiled eggs and topped with a pumpkin seed sauce.

Pastel de Tres Leches

Pastel de Tres Leches is a popular dessert in Latin America. It’s a sponge cake soaked in three types of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream.

Pepián Verde

Pepián Verde is said to have origins in ancient Aztec, Purepecha & Mayan cuisines. The sauce is made with pumpkin seeds, tomatillos, cilantro, and other spices.


Pulque is a traditional Mexican beverage made from the fermented sap of the maguey plant. It has a slightly sour taste and a low alcohol content.


Ponche is a warm, fruity drink that’s popular in Mexico during the holiday season. It’s made with a variety of fruits, including apples, pears, and oranges, as well as cinnamon, cloves, and other spices.


Panal is a traditional Mexican candy made from honeycomb. The honeycomb is cooked with sugar and water until it becomes a hard, crunchy candy.


Pasaditas are a type of Mexican cookie made with flour, sugar, and butter. They’re typically flavored with cinnamon and are perfect for dipping in coffee or hot chocolate.


Pepitorias are a type of Mexican candy made from pumpkin seeds, sugar, and cinnamon. They’re typically shaped into small balls or other shapes.

Pochoclo con Queso

Pochoclo con Queso is a popular snack in Argentina. It’s made by popping popcorn and then topping it with grated cheese. The result is a savory, crunchy snack that’s perfect for movie nights.


Pacholas are a type of meatball that’s popular in Guatemala. They’re made with ground beef, rice, and other spices, and are typically served with rice and beans.


Picaditas are a type of Mexican antojito made with masa dough. They’re typically topped with beans, cheese, and salsa.


Pinoleras are a type of Nicaraguan cookie made with cornmeal, sugar, and cinnamon. They’re typically shaped into small balls.


Pacharán is a traditional Spanish liqueur made from sloe berries. It has a sweet, fruity flavor.


Pineapple is a tropical plant with a tough rind made up of hexagonal units and a fibrous, juicy flesh, which may be yellow to white in color.


Pizza is a classic Italian dish that has become popular all over the world. It typically consists of a flatbread crust topped with tomato sauce, cheese, and various toppings like pepperoni, mushrooms, and olives.


Pomelo is a citrus fruit that is native to Southeast Asia. It is similar to grapefruit but has a sweeter and milder flavor.


Polenta is a dish made from boiled cornmeal. It is a staple in Italian cuisine and can be served as a side dish or used as a base for other dishes like stews and casseroles.


Provolone is a type of Italian cheese that is often used in sandwiches and pizzas. It has a mild flavor and a smooth, creamy texture.


Pears are fruits that come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, including green, red, and yellow. They are characterized by their bell-like shape and can have a smooth or slightly textured skin, depending on the variety. 


Pilaf is a rice dish that is popular in Middle Eastern and Central Asian cuisine. It is typically made with rice, spices, and vegetables like onions and carrots.


Pistachios are small nuts with a beige outer shell and a green kernel inside. They have a slightly sweet and nutty flavor with a subtle earthy undertone. The texture of pistachios is firm yet tender, and they are often enjoyed roasted and salted.

Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan cheese is a hard, salty cheese that is often used in Italian cuisine. It is commonly grated over pasta dishes like spaghetti and lasagna.


Paella is a Spanish rice dish that is typically made with saffron, vegetables, and seafood like shrimp and mussels. It is a popular dish for special occasions and celebrations.


Pancetta is a type of Italian bacon that is often used in pasta dishes and salads. It has a rich, smoky flavor and a tender texture.


Papaya is a tropical fruit known for its vibrant orange color and sweet, juicy flesh. Papayas are typically pear-shaped with a greenish-yellow skin that turns orange as the fruit ripens. The center of papayas are filled with many black, round seeds. 


A parfait is a layered dessert made of ice cream, fruit, and other ingredients such as granola, nuts, or syrup.


Pasta is a versatile Italian food made from dough consisting of flour, eggs, and water, which can be shaped into various forms like–spaghetti and shells–and served with different sauces.


Pork is a popular type of meat that can be cooked in numerous ways, such as roasting, grilling, or frying, and is commonly used in dishes like bacon, ham, or pork chops.


Plums are a type of stone fruit with a smooth, often waxy skin and a sweet, juicy flesh. They come in a variety of colors, including red, purple, yellow, and green, depending on the specific cultivar.

Plums are known for their sweet and tangy flavor, and they can range from slightly tart to very sweet, depending on the ripeness and variety.


Prunes are dried plums with a wrinkled appearance. They have a deep, dark color and a sweet, rich flavor. Prunes are known for their high fiber content.


Peach is a type of juicy stone fruit with a soft, fuzzy skin. Peaches are known for their sweet and tangy flavors, and they come in various colors including yellow, white, and red.

Pinto Beans

Pinto beans are a type of legume that are high in protein and fiber, and often used in Mexican cuisine, such as in burritos or chili.


Peppercorns are small dried fruits from the pepper plant that are commonly used as a spice in cooking and seasoning. Peppercorns come in different colors such as black, white, green, and red. Black peppercorns have a fiery flavor, while white peppercorns are milder and earthier. 


Peanuts, also known as groundnuts, are a popular legume known for their rich, nutty flavor and slightly crunchy texture. They are consumed in various forms, including roasted, boiled, and as a key ingredient in peanut butter. 


Peppermint is a popular herb that is often used to flavor candy, tea, and other foods. It has a refreshing and cooling flavor that is perfect for desserts and beverages.

Pak Choi

Pak choi, also known as bok choy, is a type of Chinese cabbage that is often used in stir-fries and soups. It has a mild flavor and a crisp texture that makes it a popular ingredient in many Asian dishes.


Pakora is a popular Indian snack that is made by deep-frying vegetables in a spicy batter. It is often served with chutney or yogurt sauce and is a great way to add some spice to your diet.


Pandoro is a traditional Italian sweet bread that is often served during the Christmas season. It has a light and fluffy texture and is often dusted with powdered sugar.


Panettone is another traditional Italian sweet bread that is often served during the Christmas season. It is similar to pandoro but is studded with dried fruit and nuts.


Panocha is a traditional Mexican candy that is made by boiling sugar and milk until it forms a thick, caramel-like mixture. It is often flavored with cinnamon or vanilla and is a popular treat during the holidays.


Pancakes are a classic breakfast food that is made by cooking batter on a griddle or frying pan. They can be served with a variety of toppings, such as butter, maple syrup, or fruit.


Potatoes are a starchy tuber. They come in various types, including russet, red, yellow, and purple. Potatoes can be boiled, mashed, roasted, or fried. They are used in a wide range of dishes from soups and stews to salads and main courses. 


Pebete is a type of Argentinean bread that is similar to a baguette. It is often filled with ham, cheese, or other ingredients and is a popular snack or sandwich bread.

Pecorino Romano

Pecorino Romano is a hard, salty Italian cheese made from sheep’s milk that is often used as a grating cheese in pasta dishes and salads.


Pelmeni are traditional Russian dumplings made with a filling of minced meat and spices, wrapped in thin dough and boiled in water.


Peperkoek is a Dutch spiced cake made with rye flour, honey, and spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.


Parsley is a green herb with serrated leaves and a clean, fresh flavor profile that offers subtle hints of peppery, citrusy, and earthy notes. Parsley is commonly used to enhance the taste and visual appeal of dishes.


Pesarattu is a South Indian pancake made from green gram (mung bean) batter, often served with chutney or sambar.


Pestiños are a traditional Spanish pastry made from flour, honey, and sesame seeds, often flavored with anise or cinnamon.


Paprika is a spice made from ground, dried peppers, known for its vibrant color and rich, smoky flavor used to add mild heat and color to a variety of dishes.


Pepper is a common spice made from ground black or white peppercorns, used to add flavor and heat to dishes.


Pimento is a sweet and spicy pepper commonly used in Caribbean and Southern cuisines, often stuffed with cheese or used in relishes and sauces.


Profiteroles are a French pastry made from choux pastry dough, filled with whipped cream or pastry cream, and topped with chocolate or caramel sauce.


Paneer is a fresh cheese commonly used in Indian and Pakistani cuisines, made by curdling milk with lemon juice or vinegar, and often used in dishes such as palak paneer and paneer tikka masala.

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