45 Weird And Amazing Fruits That Start With A

Looking for a list of fruits that all start with the letter “A”? I’ve got you covered! Here I compiled a list of over 40 different fruits that all start with A! Let us know if I missed anything!

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1. Apple

Fruits That Start With A - Apple

When it comes to fruits that start with the letter A, apples are one of the most popular options. If you’re looking for a healthy snack option, apples are a great choice.

While most people think of red or green apples when they think of this fruit, there are actually over 7,500 types of apples grown around the world.

Most apples can be either sweet or tart. Some varieties are also firmer than others. 

2. Apricot

Fruits That Start With A - Apricots

When it comes to fruits that start with the letter A, another popular option is the apricot. Apricots look like a cross between a plum and a peach. Apricots are a type of stone fruit and are related to other fruits like plums, peaches, and nectarines.

The exterior of an apricot is orange or yellow and has a smooth, velvety texture. The interior flesh is yellow or orange and contains a large pit. Apricots are typically eaten fresh but can also be dried, canned, or made into jams or other preserves.

3. Anne Raspberry

Fruits That Start With A - Anne Raspberries

Golden Anne Raspberries have a sweet-tart taste with notes of apricot. They have all of the same nutritional benefits of other raspberry varieties. Anne Raspberries can be used in the same way when making desserts like tarts or for jams. They can also be eaten fresh on their own as a snack or added to salads.

4. Acerola

Fruits That Start With A - Acerola

Acerola is a cherry-like fruit. It has a sweet-tart taste. Acerola is also known as West Indian cherry and Barbados cherry and native to the Americas and Caribbean. It can be eaten raw or cooked into a variety of dishes. Because acerola cherries are perishable, growing your own is the best way to obtain them. Fresh acerola cherries can also be preserved by freezing them as soon as they are picked.

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5. Asian Pear

Fruits That Start With A - Asian Pear

Also known as Chinese pear or sand pear, this fruit is very aromatic and tasty. The Asian pear has green or yellow skin and a sweet melon-like taste. The skin can be mottled and is usually golden, green, brown, or yellow. The Asian pear is firm, crisp, and round. The taste is sweeter than western pears. The fruit’s flesh is white, crisp, and juicy.

6. Antigua Black Pineapple

Fruits That Start With A - Antigua Black Pineapple

Yet another “A” fruit is the Antigua Black Pineapple. Antigua Black is considered the sweetest pineapple in the world. Antigua Black’s sweet taste is due to the soil and amount of rainfall in Antigua which allows the sugar content of the pineapple to be higher than that of other varieties. It is also considered the rarest pineapple in the world since it is only grown in Antigua.

7. Acai

Fruits That Start With A - Acai

The acai fruit is a small, round, purple-ish fruit that is native to Brazil. The fruit has been a staple food of the indigenous people there for centuries. While most people consume acai as juice or in smoothies, it can also be eaten fresh or dried. Acai powder is also becoming increasingly popular as a way to add the fruit’s benefits to recipes.

Some other Portuguese language fruits include abrunho, ameixa, amêndoa, and araçá.

8. Australian Finger Lime

Fruits That Start With A - Australian Finger Lime

Australian finger limes are citrus fruits with a tart flavor. Finger limes are long, small fruits. Their skin has a leathery, stony texture. They come in different colors like green, orange, red, and even purple. To eat, simply cut into quarters, like a lemon or orange, and remove the seeds before eating. Like other citrus fruits, Australian finger limes are rich in vitamin C.

9. Arkansas Black Apple

Fruits That Start With A - Arkansas Black Apple

Arkansas Black Apples are a very dark, almost black, apple. Like most apples, Arkansas Black has a sweet-tart taste and crispy pulp. They are not grown commonly and are therefore rare. The apples can be eaten fresh after a period of storage to allow the flavors to mellow, but the variety has remained a specialty apple among apple enthusiasts for its use in pies and cobblers.

10. Amanatsu

Fruits That Start With A - Amanatsu

Amanatsu, also known in Japan as Japanese summer orange. The fruit is native to Yamaguchi, Japan. Amanatsu oranges are similar to grapefruit in size, but with a yellow-orange rind. You must eat it fresh to retain all its flavor and zest.

11. African Cucumber

Fruits That Start With A - African Cucumber

Exotic African cucumbers have a spiky, orange exterior. This fruit has a green, seeded flesh. The African cucumber has a sweet citrusy and cucumber taste when green. When ripened, it tastes like banana, kiwi and citrus. Although the bitter parts of the fruit can be toxic, it can be cooked to neutralize its toxic properties.

The easiest way to eat an African cucumber is to cut it open and eat the pulp. Add salt or sugar to enhance the flavor. You can eat the pulp raw or cook it. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can add it to smoothies, yogurt, granola, or ice cream.

African cucumber is also known as African horned cucumber, horned melon, spiked melon, jelly melon, or kiwano melon. 

12. Avocado

Fruits That Start With A - Avocado

When it comes to fruits that start with the letter A, avocados are one of the most popular options. And for good reason! Avocados are not only delicious, but they’re also packed with nutrients.

Avocados are actually considered fruits and not vegetables. They are characterized by a dark green exterior with green flesh and a large, smooth pit in the center. Avocados are native to the Americas. However, they’re grown in many parts of the world.

Avocados are used in dishes such as guacamole, salads, tacos, and smoothies. Avocados are also a popular choice among keto enthusiasts as they are high in healthy fats and nutrients. If you’re looking for a nutritious and delicious fruit that starts with the letter A, avocado is a great option!

13. Achotillo

Fruits That Start With A - Achotillo

Rambutan is known as achotillo in Ecuador. This could be because it looks similar to achiote or annatto. The fruit is very similar to the Chinese lychee. Some say they have a sweet-tart taste. The pulp is transparent, white, and gelatinous. However, the pit is not edible.

14. Aronia

Fruits That Start With A - Aronia

Aronia is also known as chokeberry, because of its tart and dry taste. Aronia is considered a superfood. The fruit has tart, dry and earthy undertones. High levels of tannins contribute to its astringency, like a dry wine. Although aronia berries can be eaten raw fresh from the bush, some people dislike their dry taste. These berries get their rich dark colors from anthocyanidins, which are packed with antioxidants. 

15. Anjou Pear

Fruits That Start With A - Anjou Pear

Anjou pears are bright green and can be identified by their egg-shaped appearance. Anjou pears are juicy and sweet with hints of lemon-lime flavor. They are great for slicing fresh into salads and as a snack.

16. Amla

Fruits That Start With A - Amla

Also known as the Indian gooseberry, amla berries resemble small watermelons with green stripes. Amla has an acidic and astringent taste. They can be eaten whole. They are sometimes eaten with salt or chili powder to balance the tart flavor. You can also eat them with honey.

17. Amra

Fruits That Start With A - Amra

Amra (also known as hog plum) is a a small, juicy plum that grows in tropical areas. They come in many colors. The taste of Amra can be described as sweet-tart and delicious. Due to their appearance, they are often mistaken for mangos.

18. Anacardo

Fruits That Start With A - Anacardo

Anacardo is also known as cashew. Cashew is botanically considered a fruit, like some other nuts. Cashews have a rich, mild, nutty flavor. The starch in cashews gives them a buttery feel. Cashew nuts have antioxidant, antibacterial, and immune system-stimulating properties.

19. Asam Payak

Fruits That Start With A - Asam Payak

Asam payak are strange looking cluster fruits found in swamps, they can be very bitter.  They have skin that looks almost like dragon scales. The edible pulp of the asam payak fruit is divided into soft, sweet, pale yellow or cream lobes.

20. Atemoya

Fruits That Start With A - Atemoya

Atemoya, which is a mix of custard apple and pineapple. It is an hybrid fruit. Atemoya is sweet-tart and has a smooth texture. To eat atemoya, scoop out the pulp and discard all the seeds. The seeds are inedible and toxic.

21. Achocha

Fruits That Start With A - Achocha

Achochas can be described as small, cucumber-like fruits. Their fresh flavor is a cross between a green bell pepper and a minty cucumber. In South America, achochas are often stuffed with with savory ingredients like meat, vegetables, and rice.

22. Azarole

Fruits That Start With A - Azarol

Azarole tastes like tart apples. This small ornamental hawthorn berry can vary quite a bit in color and size. It is up to 25mm round. It typically has five large seeds in the middle.

23. Akebi

Fruits That Start With A - Akebi

Akebi fruits are similar in shape to eggplants. They are purple in color when ripe. Upon ripening, the thick skin, or rind, will split open, revealing both the pulp and the seeds. Akebi is also known as “chocolatevine” and is native to Japan, China and Korea.

24. Ackee

Fruits That Start With A - Ackee

Ackee is native to West Africa. It was introduced to Jamaica in the 18th century. Ackee should only be eaten when fully ripe. The only part of the fruit that is edible are the arils. The arils must be boiled first so that their poison dissipates. Arils are considered a false fruit (accessory fruit).

25. Annona

Fruits That Start With A - Annona

Annona (also known as custard apple fruit, sugar apple, and sweet sop) are roundish or heart shaped fruits. Similar to pineapples, they are compound fruits. The Anonna’s pulp is sweet and a white to yellow color. The taste and texture is similar in to custard. Anonna fruit is very nutritious and contain several vitamins and minerals.

26. Achacha

Fruits That Start With A - Achacha

Achacha is a tropical fruit that grows in the Amazon basin. It is also known locally as Achachairu (meaning “honey kiss”). It is juicy with a sweet-tart taste. Some compare the flavor to lychees or to mangosteen. Its peel is not edible. It is orange-red in color and has an egg-shaped appearance. To open an Achacha you have to pinch the skin between two fingers until it bursts open.

27. Abiú

Fruits That Start With A - Abiu

When ripe, abiu is sweet with strong notes of vanilla and caramel. Abiu tastes similar to a caramel pastry cream. The pulp is gelatinous and has a transparent white color. Abiu can be eaten fresh by cutting it in half lengthwise and scooping out the soft pulp with a spoon.

Abiu fruit is also known as abiá, abiazeiro, abieiro, abiu, abiurana, abiurana-acariquara, abiorama, abio, guapeva, cabo-de-machado, abiu-piloso, curiola, garbanzo, calmito and curiola.

28. Ambade

Fruits That Start With A - Ambade

Also known as the Indian hog plum, the ambade plum is known for its sweet and sour flavor. Ambade are plump like other plums, with a freckled green skin. Ambade have a sweet, slightly acid taste. They have a similar flavor to green mangoes and pineapple.

Ambade is excellent for chutneys and other spicy dishes. It can also be sliced ​​and eaten with a little salt and red pepper. Ambade is considered a superfood and a powerful antioxidant.

29. Australian Round Lime

Australia is home to some of the best limes in the world. The Australian round lime is a small, green fruit with a thin skin and a juicy, tart flesh. It’s used in many dishes, both sweet and savory, and is an essential ingredient in any good cocktail. If you’re ever in Australia, be sure to try one of these luscious limes for yourself!

30. Annatto

Fruits That Start With A - Annatto

Annatto is botanically considered a fruit. The small red seeds of the fruit are typically used as a condiment or as a nutritious food coloring in Latin America. Annatto is also quite rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, calcium and iron.

31. Argan

Fruits That Start With A - Argan

An argan fruit resembles a wrinkled golden apple. It has a firm pulp and a thick skin. The pulp is bitter and fleshy. It is high in antioxidants, essential nutrients and anti-inflammatory substances.

32. Ambarella

Fruits That Start With A - Ambarella

Ambarella are small fruits from Malaysia. They are usually sold green. They turn yellow when fully ripe. Ambarellas are very stringy and very acidic. To eat, peel the skin to get to the meat.

33. Amaou Strawberry

The amaou strawberry is grown in Fukuoka, Japan. Its name is derived from Japanese amai (“sweet”), marui (“round”), okii (“large”), and umai (delicious). Amaou is referred to as the “king” of Japanese strawberries. They are big, sweet, and bright red!

34. Ambrosia Melon

Ambrosia melons look like cantaloupes and are a type of muskmelon. Ambrosia melons have a orange-red pulp. The fruit is juicy, sweet, and tasty. It is believed to originate in Iran and Western Asia. Experts believe it has been cultivated since ancient times.

35. African Breadfruit

African breadfruit is a large fruit (up to 8.5kg) that can be eaten raw or cooked. The African Breadfruit can be boiled, fried, baked, or roasted. It is a delicious and nutritious fruit that can be eaten as a snack or as part of a meal.

36. Alpine Strawberry

Alpine strawberries are small, sweet, and have a tart flavor. They are a type of strawberry that is grown in the Alpine regions of Europe. They are smaller and have a sweeter flavor than other types of strawberries. Alpine strawberries are perfect for smoothies and salads and are best eaten fresh.

37. Amazon Tree Grape

The Amazon Tree Grape is found in South America and it is a type of sweet grape. It is usually eaten fresh or used in jams, jellies, and wines. The Amazon tree grape is small, with a purplish color. Whether you’re making juice or eating it raw, the Amazon Tree Grapefruit will add some zing to your snacks!

38. Abate Fetel Pear

Fetel pears tart, firm, and have a slightly sweet taste. The pear is best enjoyed when it is barely soft. Fetel pears are usually eaten raw or cooked, and can be used to make jams and smoothies.

39. Alpine Strawberry

The alpine strawberry is smaller than other strawberry varieties. This sweet little fruit is luscious and has a lot of fragrance. It has a characteristic sugar taste mixed with a blend of berry, pineapple, and floral notes. Alpine strawberries are perfect for smoothies and salads. The alpine strawberry resembles a small strawberry, with a roundish, frosted appearance.

40. Apple Guava

The Apple Guava is popular in both Central and South America. In many Latin American regions, apple guava is used to make Aqua Fresca, a popular beverage. The juice from guava is usually used in the production of desserts, fruit bars, dried snacks, candies, and ales. Apple guava can also be used in smoothies, salads, and desserts.

41. Anchovy Pear

The Anchovy Pear is very popular in Jamaica and many parts of Central America. It is usually eaten in its pickled form. The color of anchovy pear is a light green to taupe. Anchovy pears are smaller in size and have a firmer texture than other types of pears. They are also less tart and have a milder, slightly salty flavor. Anchovy pear is best suited for eating fresh, but can also be used in sauces or desserts.

42. Andean Blackberry

The Andean Blackberry is known as called “mora” in Spanish. These berries are smaller than other types of blackberries and have a dark purple color. Andean blackberries are best eaten fresh, but they can also be frozen. Andean blackberries are often used in juices.

43. Apple Berry

Apple berries taste like a combination kiwifruit and stewed apples. They are great for making cakes, tarts, or jams, they can also be preserved. Apple berries are very sour and have a tart flavor. Apple berries are low in sugar and high in vitamin C.

44. Armenian Cucumbers

Cucumbers are technically fruits. Armenian cucumbers are mildly sweet and have a crisp texture. This cucumber is a variant of muskmelon. Armenian cucumbers are small, with a smooth skin and a bumpy texture. Armenian cucumbers are available year-round, but are especially popular in the summer months.

45. Ananas

Pineapples are known as ananas in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and about 42 languages in total. Pineapples are a sweet, tropical fruit with a spiky, leathery skin and hard green leaves on top. Pineapples can be eaten as a snack, baked in desserts, and may also enjoyed as as a pizza topping!

The Roundup

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about these fruits that start with the letter A. So next time you’re at the grocery store, be sure to pick up a few of these amazing fruits and add them to your cart! Let me know if I missed any in the comments and I’ll be sure to add them to the list!

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Fruits That Start With A

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