10 Mexican Foods That Start With U

Mexican foods that start with U - Uvas

Looking for Mexican foods that begin with U? This list is an ultimate way to learn about Mexican cuisine!

From uvas to uchepos to uliche to ubre, I’ve put together a list of different Mexican foods starting with U to inspire you.

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And now… 10 Mexican foods starting with the letter U

Let’s take a look at Mexican foods beginning with “U”!

1. Uchepo

Uchepo is a type of tamale made with tender maize (corn). It has a sweet taste and a soft consistency.

Uchepos can be served on their own or with green tomatillo salsa or tomato cooked and accompanied by fresh cheese or sour cream. I make them with Oaxacan cheese for a delicious vegetarian version.

They are often found in the southern territories of Michoacan and are a popular tamale dish throughout the state.

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2. Uliche

This is one of those foods that start with U that is perfect for when you’re feeling adventurous.

Uliche, also known as mole blanco, is a traditional Mexican dish that is popular in the northern states of Mexico. It is a type of thick stew made with beef tripe (stomach), hominy, and chili peppers.

Uliche is typically seasoned with chili peppers, which give the dish a spicy kick. The level of spiciness can vary depending on the type of chili peppers used. The dish is usually served with lime wedges, chopped onions, and chopped cilantro.

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3. Ubre

Ubre is the word for the udder of a cow in Spanish.

The udder is cleaned, boiled, and then sliced into small pieces before being cooked with various spices and seasonings.

While it may sound unusual, udder meat is a common ingredient in many Mexican dishes and is known for its tender and flavorful taste.

4. Uacares

Uacares are black roots with the appearance of fungus. Uacares are cooked with honey and eaten as a dessert or snack among the Purépechas of Michoacán, Mexico.

5. Unto

Unto is a Spanish word for “lard” used in southeast Mexico, is a type of rendered pork fat. It is used as a cooking fat for many dishes in Mexican cuisine, including tamales, refried beans, and rice. Lard has a distinct flavor and is known for making dishes fluffier and crispier.

6. Uvas Enchiladas

Uvas enchiladas are a Mexican snack made by coating grapes in a mixture of tamarind pulp, chamoy sauce, chili powder, and sugar. The resulting combination of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors make for a unique and delicious treat.

7. Uñas de Cerdo

This is a Mexican food that starts with U that you may not know.

Uñas de Cerdo, also known as pig’s nails, are a traditional Mexican food that can be found in many regions of the country.

The dish consists of pig’s feet that have been boiled with various spices until the meat is tender and falls off the bone.

The dish is often served with a spicy sauce and can be eaten on its own or with tortillas.

8. Uvas Pasas

Uvas Pasas, also known as raisins, are a popular dried fruit used in many Mexican desserts.

I love uvas pasas in my arroz con leche (rice pudding). They add a sweet and chewy texture to dishes. Another Mexican dessert that features uvas pasas is capirotada, a bread pudding eaten during the Lenten period and served on Good Friday.

Uvas Pasas are also commonly used in pan de muerto, a sweet bread made during the Day of the Dead celebration.

9. Uachinango

Uachinango (or Huachinango, Wachinango) is the Spanish name for the Northern red snapper, a type of fish that is commonly found in the Gulf of Mexico and along the eastern coast of North America. In Mexico, it is a popular fish for cooking and is often used in dishes such as ceviche and tacos.

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10. Uvas

Uvas are definitely one of my favorite foods that start with U. Uvas means “Grapes” in Spanish. Mexico is one of the top grape-producing countries in Latin America.

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Mexican Foods That Start With U FAQs

Is Uvate considered Mexican?

Uvate is not considered part of Mexican cuisine. Uvate is a preserve made from grapes, regularly cooked with the juice, until it becomes wine.

Is Uchucuta a Mexican food?

Uchucuta is a traditional Peruvian sauce/condiment. It’s typically made with grated cucumbers, rocoto chiles, peanuts, chopped onions, huacatay leaves, evaporated milk, coriander leaves, queso fresco, and salt. The ingredients are blended until creamy and then chilled.

Is Ulluco considered a Mexican food?

Ulluco is not Mexican in origin. Ulluco (Ullucus tuberosus) is a root vegetable and leafy vegetable native to South America, primarily grown in the Andean region. It is closely related to potato, oca, and mashua. Ulluco is a staple food in the Andean diet. It has a nutty flavor and comes in a variety of colors, including red, yellow, and green.

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