45 Desserts that Start with K


Looking for desserts that start with K?

I love desserts. And I love good recipes. Put those together for the 45 delicious desserts that begin with K below.

I’ve compiled desserts that start with K (plus recipes) in one convenient spot. All of these desserts start with the letter K!

With this list of “K” desserts you’ll know your Kulfi from your Kringle in no time!

Here’s my list of 43 desserts that start with K!

Ever heard of a Kyiv Cake or Kalamai? Neither had I until I did a deep dive into desserts beginning with the letter K.

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1. Key Lime Pie

Key lime pie is an American dessert pie. It is made of lime, egg yolks, and sweetened condensed milk.

It may be served with no topping, topped with a meringue topping made from egg whites, or with whipped cream; it may be cooked in a pie crust, graham cracker crust, or no crust.

The main difference seems to be that it requires a lot more of that aromatic Key lime juice to make the famous pie sing.

It is worth the elbow grease, though, to get that true floral Key lime flavor—unless, of course, you can’t find Key limes.

2. Kuchen

Kuchen is a type of German cake. It is typically round or rectangular in shape and can be made in a variety of flavors such as fruit, chocolate, or cheese.

The appearance of Kuchen can vary greatly depending on the type of filling used, but it usually has a flaky, tender crust and a moist, soft interior.

The color also varies, with fruit-filled Kuchen having bright colors from the fruit, while chocolate Kuchen is usually a rich brown color.

Kuchen is a staple of German coffee culture. The word “Kuchen” is German for cake, and this dessert has a rich history that dates back centuries.

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3. King Cake

The name “king cake” comes from the Biblical story of the three kings who bring gifts to Baby Jesus.

A blend of coffee cake and cinnamon roll, king cake is usually iced in yellow, green and purple – the colors of Mardi Gras — and is frequently packed with fruit fillings and decadent cream cheeses.

A miniature plastic baby, which symbolizes baby Jesus, is placed inside of each cake to signify the Epiphany.

King cake is a ring of sweet pastry that’s covered in lots of icing and purple, yellow, and green sprinkles or luster dust.

Some folks make their king cake more like a bread and others prefer a more cake-y version—there’s no right or wrong way.

4. Karo Pecan Pie

The Karo Syrup Pecan Pie recipe is the original pecan pie recipe. This classic pie combines eggs, corn syrup, vanilla, lots of pecans, and is baked to a burnished golden brown.

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5. Kentucky Derby Pie

Kentucky Derby Pie is made with walnuts and chocolate chips. It is often associated with the Kentucky Derby horse race.

The pie was created in the Melrose Inn of Prospect, Kentucky, United States, by George Kern with the help of his parents, Walter and Leaudra.

6. Kiwi Squares

Kiwi squares are a rich and buttery dessert bar with a kiwi fruit topping. The contrast of rich butter and slightly sweet and tart kiwi filling is magic.

On a kiwi kick? Here are a few more kiwi-based desserts to try: Kiwi Sorbet, Kiwi Pavlova, Kiwi Cheesecake, Kiwi Tart, Kiwi Mousse, Kiwi Popsicles, Kiwi Smoothie Bowl, Kiwi Coconut Cream Pie, Kiwi Lemon Bars, Kiwi Fruit Salad, Kiwi Chia Pudding, Kiwi Scones, Kiwi Lime Pie, Kiwi Crumble, Kiwi Custard Tart, Kiwi Ice Cream, Kiwi Coconut Macaroons, Kiwi Banana Bread, Kiwi Yogurt Parfait, Kiwi Granola Bars, Kiwi Shortcake, Kiwi Pound Cake, Kiwi Fruit Pizza, Kiwi Chocolate Truffles, Kiwi Rice Pudding, Kiwi Bread Pudding, Kiwi Cupcakes, Kiwi Fruit Dip, Kiwi Brownies, and Kiwi Crème Brûlée.

7. Kyiv Cake

Kyiv cake is a traditional Ukrainian dessert that is made from a layer of sponge cake, a layer of creamy filling, and a layer of chocolate ganache.

8. Kolache

A kolache is a type of sweet pastry that holds a portion of fruit surrounded by puffy dough. Kolaches are made from yeast dough and common flavors include Quark, a dairy product, spread, fruit jam and poppy seeds.

Kolaches are often associated with Cedar Rapids and Pocahontas in Iowa where they were introduced by Czech immigrants in the 1870s.

They are served at church suppers and on holidays but also as an everyday comfort food.

9. Kalamai

This traditional pudding from Guam is made with corn (masa harina), sugar, water, and coconut milk in the original version, while cornstarch was added later as a thickening agent.

It can be flavored with vanilla or cinnamon.The dessert is traditionally left to cool off, and it is then sliced into squares and served.

10. Kakigōri

Kakigōri is a Japanese dessert that is made from shaved ice flavored with syrup and toppings. Kakigōri is light and airy, with the shaved ice taking on the shape of a cone or ball.

11. Kugelhof

Kugelhof is a German dessert that is similar to a cake or bread pudding. It is typically made with a mixture of bread, fruit, and spices baked in a round or oval dish.

Kugelhof is golden brown, with the bread and fruit forming a slightly puffed and dome-shaped dessert.

12. Kalburabastı

Kalburabastı is a traditional Turkish dessert made from a mixture of semolina, sugar, and syrup. It is typically cooked in a large pan, then cut into small diamond-shaped pieces and served.

13. Kitchener Bun

Kitchener bun is a traditional British dessert that is made with a sweet and fluffy dough that is filled with jam or custard.

14. Koala no Machi

Koala no Machi are chocolate-filled cookies shaped like Koalas. They are very popular in Japan. This dessert treat is manufactured by the Japanese company Lotte.

15. Kringle

Kringle is a traditional Danish pastry that is made from a buttery, flaky dough that is shaped into a large oval or pretzel-like shape.

16. Kalathappam

Kalathappam is a traditional dessert from the Indian state of Kerala that is made from rice flour, coconut milk, jaggery, and cardamom.

17. Kentucky Jam Cake

Kentucky Jam Cake is a traditional Southern dessert made from a soft and tender cake filled with sweet jam and spices. Kentucky Jam Cake is golden brown and slightly puffed.

18. Kladdkaka

Kladdkaka is a traditional Swedish dessert that is similar to a sticky chocolate cake. Kladdkaka has a slightly crumbly texture on the outside and a soft and gooey texture on the inside.

19. Kek Lapis Sarawak

Kek Lapis Sarawak is a traditional Malaysian dessert that is made from a soft and tender cake flavored with spices and nuts.

20. Kleicha

Kleicha is a traditional Middle Eastern dessert that is made from a sweet dough filled with dates and spices.

21. Kutya

Kutya is a traditional Belarusian dessert pudding that is made with a mixture of rice, raisins, and honey.

22. Kichel

Kichel is a traditional Jewish dessert that is made from a crispy fried dough that is flavored with sugar and spices.

23. Kulolo

Kulolo is a traditional Hawaiian dessert that is made from taro, coconut milk, and brown sugar. It has a soft and creamy texture that is slightly grainy in texture from the taro.

24. Kroštule

Kroštule is a traditional Croatian dessert that is made from a thin and crispy fried dough that is shaped into a twisted or ring-like shape and sprinkled with sugar.

25. Krempita

Krempita is a traditional Balkan dessert that is made from a puff pastry filled with a creamy custard filling.

26. Kremówka

Kremówka is a traditional Polish dessert that is made from a sweet and tender cake filled with a creamy custard filling.

27. Kentucky Butter Cake

An insanely moist pound cake with a sweet, buttery sauce that soaks through the cake. Kentucky Butter Cake starts with a super whipped butter pound cake batter. It has notes of vanilla and rum.

After it’s baked, holes are poked into and then drenched in vanilla rum-flavored buttery syrup.

28. Krumkake

Krumkake are a Norwegian Christmas cookie. They feature a buttery and delicately beautiful cone-shaped cookie.

29. Kulfi

Kulfi is a popular frozen dairy dessert from the Indian subcontinent, often referred to as “Indian ice cream”. It is made from milk that has been slow-cooked with sugar and flavorings until it has reduced and thickened, before being frozen.

Unlike traditional Western-style ice cream, kulfi has a denser, creamier texture and is usually served in a cone or a cup. Some popular flavorings for kulfi include cardamom, saffron, mango, and rosewater.

30. Kirschenmichel

Kirschenmichel is a traditional German dessert that is made with a sweet custard filling, usually made with cherries, that is poured over a base of soft, baked dough.

31. Kürtőskalács

Kürtőskalács, also known as Chimney Cake, is a traditional Hungarian dessert made from a sweet dough that is rolled and wrapped around a cylinder-shaped baking spit, then roasted over an open fire.

32. Keto Cheesecake

This keto cheesecake has a silky smooth and creamy filling on a buttery shortbread cookie crust with a fresh fruit topping. Even people who aren’t on a low-carb keto diet love this creamy sugar free recipe!

33. Koloocheh

Koloocheh or Kleicha (also called Persian New Year Bread) is a Persian stamped cookie or bread, originating in Iran.

Icelandic kleina are deep-fried pastries (or donuts). Kleina are golden brown, with a crispy exterior.

35. Kremna Rezina

Kremna Rezina is a traditional Slovenian dessert that consists of layers of flaky pastry filled with sweet custard or whipped cream.

36. Kentucky Bourbon Cake

Kentucky Bourbon Cake is a lot like pound cake given its butter content and tender crumb. The bourbon both inside the cake and in the glaze provide a rich bourbon flavor.

37. Krapfen

Krapfen is German for a “jelly-filled donut”. They are deep-fried, filled with jam, and sprinkled with sugar (often powdered sugar). 

38. Kite Cookies

Kite cookies are a high-flying kite shaped dessert. For the shape, any diamond shaped cutter will work.

39. Knieküchle

Knieküchle is a traditional German dessert that consists of a sweet, fried dough that is served with sugar or a sweet sauce.

It has a crisp and crunchy from the frying, and soft tenderness from the dough.

40. Kiss Cookies

Hershey’s Kiss Cookies are soft and chewy chocolate cookies topped with a chocolate Kiss.

41. Kanafeh

Kanafeh is a traditional Middle Eastern dessert that is made with a sweet, syrup-soaked pastry that is filled with cheese or cream.

42. Kue Cubit

Kue cubit is a Southeast Asian snack, originating from Indonesia. It is a common snack food served in many Indonesian cities.

Kue cubit includes flour, baking powder, sugar and milk as its primary ingredients.

43. Ka’í Ladrillo

Ka’í Ladrillo is a traditional Bolivian dessert made from dried corn, that is then boiled, ground and mixed with spices, sweeteners, and other ingredients to form a dense dough.

The dough is then shaped into small, brick-like pieces and fried until golden brown. The result is a crunchy, sweet and spicy treat that is often enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee.

44. Kueku


Kueku is also known as ang ku kueh, or red tortoise cake. It’s a small round or oval-shaped Chinese pastry made with sticky glutinous rice flour. Inside is a sweet central filling. It is molded to look like a tortoise shell and is served on a piece of banana leaf.

45. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme is a brand of American doughnuts. They also have a popular coffeehouse chain.

Desserts That Start With K FAQs

What are K-style desserts?

Korean cuisine has a variety of delicious desserts, here are some examples:

  • Korean bingsu: Shaved ice with syrup and toppings
  • Korean watermelon punch: A popular summer dessert and drink
  • Songpyeon: Rice cakes
  • Yaksik: Sweet rice dessert
  • Bukkumi: Pan-fried rice cake dumplings with sweet red beans
  • Dasik: Tea cookies
  • Yakgwa: Honey pastry
  • Sujeonggwa: Cinnamon ginger punch
  • Sikhye: Sweet rice punch
  • Bungeoppang: Fish-shaped bread with sweet red bean
  • Hotteok: Pancake with sugar, nuts, and cinnamon inside
  • Sweet rice cake: Made with steamed rice, glutinous rice, glutinous sorghum, corn, sweet potatoes, and brown sugar
  • Tteok: Korean rice cakes
  • Hwajeon: Pan-fried sweet rice cakes with flower petals
  • Gyeongdan: Sweet rice balls
  • Gangjeong: Crispy snack

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