19 Desserts That Start With U

Desserts that start with U

There are so many desserts that start with U! From Upside-down Cake, to Uraro, to Ustipci, to Uunijuusto, the list goes on.

I have gathered together 19 desserts beginning with the letter U. So if you want to learn something new, you’ve come to the right place!

Desserts That Start With U

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1. Upside Down Cake

Upside Down Cake is a classic dessert that features a layer of fruit, usually pineapple, on the bottom of the pan. The fruit is then topped with a cake batter and baked until golden brown. While pineapple is the classic choice, various fruits like peaches, apples, and cherries can be used.

2. Uraró

Uraró is a traditional Filipino cookie made from arrowroot flour, butter, and sugar. It has a light, delicate texture and a subtle flavor that is both sweet and nutty. The cookies are often shaped into small, bite-sized balls and dusted with powdered sugar.

3. Utah Scones

Utah Scones are a type of fried dough that is popular in Utah and other parts of the western United States. They are similar to a cross between a donut and a biscuit, with a crispy exterior and a soft, fluffy interior. Utah Scones are often served with honey butter or jam.

4. Umbrella Cupcakes

Umbrella Cupcakes are a fun and whimsical dessert that are perfect for any occasion. They are essentially regular cupcakes with a paper umbrella sticking out of the top, creating the illusion of an umbrella in a rainstorm. Umbrella Cupcakes can be decorated with frosting, sprinkles, or other toppings to match any theme or color scheme.

5. Unglazed Donuts

Unglazed Donuts are a simple and classic treat that are perfect for breakfast or a quick snack. They are essentially fried dough that is shaped into a ring and dusted with powdered sugar. Unglazed Donuts are light and fluffy, with a slightly sweet flavor that pairs well with a cup of coffee or tea.

6. Ultimate Chocolate Cake

Ultimate Chocolate Cake is a rich and decadent dessert that is perfect for chocolate lovers. It is made with layers of moist chocolate cake and rich chocolate ganache, and is often topped with chocolate shavings or other decorations. Ultimate Chocolate Cake is a showstopper dessert!

7. Ugli Fruit Pie

Ugli Fruit Pie is a unique dessert that features the Jamaican citrus fruit known as ugli fruit. The fruit is sliced and baked into a pie with a sweet and tangy filling. The pie is often served warm with a dollop of whipped cream on top.

8. Unicorn Sundae

Unicorn Sundae is a colorful and whimsical dessert that is perfect for kids and adults alike. It features a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream, and a variety of colorful candies. The sundae is often served in a fun and festive container, such as a unicorn-shaped bowl.

9. Ustipci

Ustipci are a traditional Serbian fried dough that are often served as a snack or appetizer. They are made from a simple dough of flour, water, and yeast, and are fried until golden brown. Ustipci are often served with a variety of toppings, such as honey, jam, or cheese.

10. Utap

Utap (also spelled Otap) is a popular Cebu, Filipino dessert that is made from grated coconut, sugar, and rice flour. The mixture is steamed until firm and then cut into bite-sized pieces. Utap has a sweet and nutty flavor and a soft, chewy texture.

11. Ube Cake

Ube Cake is a Filipino dessert that is made from purple yam, which gives it its distinctive color. The cake is often layered with a sweet and creamy frosting and topped with toasted coconut. Ube Cake has a unique flavor that is both sweet and earthy.

12. Uunijuusto

Uunijuusto is a traditional Finnish dessert that is made from curdled milk and baked until firm. The dessert has a mild, slightly tangy flavor and a creamy texture. Uunijuusto is often served with a variety of toppings, such as berries or honey.

13. Uovo Sbattuto

Uovo Sbattuto is an Italian dessert that is made from whipped egg yolks and sugar. The mixture is often flavored with vanilla or other extracts and is served chilled. Uovo Sbattuto has a light and airy texture and a sweet, custard-like please continue

14. Ube Halaya

Ube Halaya is another Filipino dessert that is made from purple yam. The yam is mashed and cooked with coconut milk and sugar until it forms a thick, pudding-like consistency. Ube Halaya is often served as a dessert or snack and has a sweet and creamy flavor.

15. Usukawa Manju

Usukawa Manju is a traditional Japanese dessert that is made from a soft, fluffy dough filled with sweet bean paste. The dough is often flavored with green tea or other ingredients and is steamed until it is light and airy.

Usukawa Manju has a delicate and slightly sweet flavor and is often served with tea. please continue with: Unni Appam Ugli Fruit Parfait Ube Ice Cream

16. Unni Appam

Unni Appam is a popular South Indian dessert that is made from rice flour, jaggery, and bananas. The mixture is often flavored with cardamom and is fried until golden brown. Unni Appam has a sweet and slightly spicy flavor and a soft, spongy texture.

17. Ugli Fruit Parfait

Ugli Fruit Parfait is a refreshing and healthy dessert that features the Jamaican citrus fruit known as ugli fruit. The fruit is layered with yogurt and granola in a tall glass, creating a beautiful and colorful presentation. Ugli Fruit Parfait has a sweet and tangy flavor and is perfect for breakfast or a light dessert.

18. Ube Ice Cream

Ube Ice Cream is a popular Filipino dessert that is made from purple yam. The yam is mashed and mixed with cream, sugar, and other ingredients to create a rich and creamy ice cream.

The color is a gorgeous shade of purple and the flavor is a unique combination of vanilla and sweet potato.

19. Ujikintoki Kakigori

Ujikintoki Kakigori is a Japanese shaved ice dessert. A traditional variety is Ujikintoki. This recipe uses green tea syrup topped with red bean paste.

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