44 Desserts That Start With R

Desserts that start with R - Red Valvet Cake

Looking for a list of desserts that start with R? I’ve got you covered! Here I compiled a list of over 40 different desserts that all start with the letter R! Let me know if I missed anything!

I love desserts. I love good recipes. I’ve put those together for this list of desserts that begin with R in one convenient spot!

Here are Desserts That Start With R (+ Recipes)

Whether you’re looking for cakes, cookies, pies, puddings, or other pastries – your new favorite list of “R” dessert recipes is here!

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1. Red Velvet Cake

I love red velvet cake! It’s made with cocoa powder, buttermilk, and eggs. The bright red color is achieved with food coloring, and it’s usually topped with cream cheese frosting.

2. Rum Cake

If you’re in the mood for snacks that starts with R, a tropical rum cake is the perfect choice. This Caribbean dessert is made with a traditional recipe that includes rum, raisins, and a variety of spices. The cake is soaked in a rum syrup after baking.

3. Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is a comforting dessert that’s perfect for chilly evenings. Made with rice, milk, and sugar, this dessert has a creamy, custard-like texture and a subtle sweetness. You can add raisins, cinnamon, or other spices to give it extra flavor.

4. Rhubarb Pie

Rhubarb pie is made with fresh rhubarb and a flaky crust. This pie has a tangy, tart flavor that’s balanced by a sweet, buttery filling. Serve it warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for the ultimate dessert experience.

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5. Rainbow Cookies

Rainbow cookies are almond-based sponge cakes with layers of apricot and raspberry jam, coated in chocolate. It’s a classic Italian-American dessert that’s perfect for any occasion.

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6. Razzleberry Pie

Razzleberry pie is a classic American dessert. It’s made with a combination of raspberries, blackberries, and other delicious ingredients like lemon juice and sugar, this pie is the perfect balance of tart and sweet.

Trust me, this dessert is delicious!

7. Rožata

I may not be able to pronounce it, but this Croatian dessert is a must-try. Rožata is a caramel flan that’s silky smooth and oh-so-decadent.

8. Runeberg’s Torte

Let’s talk about Runeberg’s Torte. This Finnish dessert is flavored with almonds and rum or arrack, and typically has raspberry jam and icing on top. It’s named after a Finnish-Swedish poet and is a beloved treat in Finland.

9. Russian Tea Cake

Russian Tea Cakes are a quick and easy dessert. These buttery cookies are studded with crunchy walnuts and rolled in powdered sugar. I serve them with a cup of tea or coffee.

Some other Russian desserts are: Kartoshka (potato) cake, Blini, Charlotte, Halva, Khvorost, Guriev porridge, Kogel mogel, Napoleon, Oladyi, Pastila, Ponchiki, Ptichye moloko, Sushki, Syrniki, Tula pryanik, Varenye, and Vatrushka, Zefir.

10. Rugelach

Rugelach is a delicious pastry that is perfect for dessert. It’s light and sweet, and perfect for after a big meal. Top it off with some powdered sugar for an extra special touch. Trust me, you’ll love this easy dessert recipe that starts with R.

11. Rainbow Sherbet

I love a good rainbow sherbet! It’s a classic dessert that’s perfect for any occasion. To make this colorful treat, simply fill a loaf pan with alternating scoops of raspberry, lime, and orange sherbet.

Resist the urge to stir! Smooth out the top with a spoon and freeze. Serve with fresh pineapple for a tropical twist.

12. Rönttönen

I’m always on the lookout for easy dessert recipes, and I recently stumbled upon this Finnish treat called Rönttönen.

These buttery pies are filled with a mix of potatoes, lingonberries, and rye flour, making for a unique and delicious dessert.

13. Rødgrød

Rødgrød (aka rote Grütze or rode Grütt) means “red groats”. It is a dessert fruit dish from Denmark and Northern Germany. 

14. Rab Cake

Rab cake is a traditional Croatian dessert. It’s baked in a spiral shape with it’s main ingredients consisting of almonds and Maraschino liqueur.

15. Roti Tissue

Roti Tissue is a thin, crispy pastry that’s stuffed with Nutella and served with whipped cream or ice cream.

You can make a whole batch with just a cake mix and a few other ingredients.

16. Rhubarb Tart

Rhubarb Tart is a simple and delicious way to use up fresh rhubarb, and it’s always a hit with any crowd. Just mix up the filling, pour it into a pre-made crust, and bake. It’s that easy!

17. Rosketti

Rosketti is perfect for those who love tarts but don’t want to spend hours making them. For an extra touch of sweetness, sprinkle coarse sugar on top.

18. Rømmegrøt

Rømmegrøt is a traditional Norwegian pudding is made with fresh sour cream, sugar, milk, and flour.

It’s a warming and comforting dish that’s perfect for cold winter nights. Sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top and drizzle melted butter for extra richness.

19. Rock Cake

No need to turn on the oven, just mix together some Nutella and crunchy hazelnuts for a delicious Rock Cake dessert treat.

20. Rainbow Gelatin Cubes

I love colorful gelatin cubes. They’re perfect for any occasion and always a hit with kids. Vary the colors to match your theme and have fun with it!

21. Ruske Kape

Ruske Kape is a Croatian dessert cake made with walnuts, almonds, and topped with icing made from butter, icing sugar, and rum.

22. Remonce

Remonce is a Danish pastry filling that’s made with butter, sugar, and flour.

23. Rijstevlaai

Rijstevlaai is a simple and delicious dessert that’s perfect for any occasion. The crust is made with a yeast dough, and the filling is a creamy rice custard. It’s easy to make and tastes amazing.

24. Red Bean Paste Rice Cake

Red bean paste rice cake is a Cantonese street food in Hong Kong. This sticky rice cake with red bean recipe takes around half an hour to make.

25. Rose Cookies

I love experimenting with different flavors in my desserts, and rose shortbread cookies is one of my favorites. These delicate shortbread cookies are flavored with rose water and sprinkled with rose petals and pistachios. Perfect for a fancy afternoon tea or a special occasion.

26. Reshteh Khoshkar

Reshteh Khoshkar is a fried cookie that is popular during Ramadan. It is made with rice flour, walnuts, cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon. It is often served with a sherbet sauce made of water, sugar, cinnamon, and cardamom.

27. Rigó Jancsi

Rigó Jancsi is a Hungarian chocolate mousse cake. It’s rich, decadent, and oh-so-easy to make.

28. Rum Baba

If you’re looking for a dessert recipe that starts with R, look no further than the classic French pastry, Rum Baba. This sweet yeast cake is soaked in a delicious rum syrup and topped with whipped cream.

29. Rosette Cookies


Rosette Christmas cookies are a traditional Norwegian and Swedish cookie made by dipping a rosette iron in batter before deep frying.

30. Rhubarb Fool with Strawberries

Looking for an easy dessert recipe that starts with “R”? Look no further than this quick version of a classic British and Irish dessert: the fool! Whip up some cream and combine it with cooked rhubarb and berries for a delicious and refreshing treat.

31. Rocky Road Ice Cream

Rocky road ice cream is traditionally made with chocolate ice cream, nuts, and whole or diced marshmallows.

32. Roze Koek

Tthis Dutch pink cake recipe is so simple even I can handle it. Just butter, flour, sugar, and eggs, topped with a pink glaze. No need to turn on the oven, just mix and enjoy.

33. Raspberry Sorbet

I love making raspberry sorbet with fresh berries. It’s a simple, frozen dessert that’s perfect for hot summer days. For an extra twist, try topping with fresh raspberries and a mint sprig!

34. Rahat

Rahat is a Romanian dessert also known as Turkish Delight. It is made from cornstarch or gelatin, sugar, honey, and fruit juice or jelly. Rahat is often tinted pink or green and can be filled with chopped almonds, pistachio nuts, pine nuts, or walnuts.

A few more Romanian desserts include Clătită, Colivă, Colțunași, Cozonac, Griş cu lapte, Halva, Lapte de pasăre, Magiun of Topoloveni, Pască, Rahat, Scovardă, Sfințișori, Ștrudel, Alivenci, Amandine, Cornuleţe, Gogoşi, Joffre cake, Papanași, and Plăcintă.

35. Rum Raisin Ice Cream

Rum raisin ice cream is a classic dessert that’s perfect for any time of year. Made with creamy vanilla ice cream and plump, juicy raisins that have been marinated in dark rum, this frozen treat has a deliciously boozy flavor and a creamy, crunchy texture.

36. Ricciarelli

Ricciarelli are traditional Italian almond cookies that are perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth. Made with almond flour, sugar, and egg whites, these cookies have a sweet, nutty flavor and a chewy texture. They’re perfect for dunking in a cup of tea or coffee!

37. Rum Balls

Rum balls are a delicious and easy-to-make dessert made with crushed cookies, cocoa powder, and rum, these bite-sized treats have a rich, chocolatey flavor and a boozy kick. Roll them in coconut or chopped nuts for extra crunch!

38. Rumtopf

I defy you to find anyone that would turn down a slice. This German dessert is made by layering fruit in a jar with sugar and rum. The longer it sits, the better it gets. Serve it over ice cream or with whipped cream.

39. Rosca De Reyes

Everyone raves about this dessert! This Mexican dessert is traditionally served on Dia de los Reyes (Three Kings Day). Made with sweet bread and a rum-soaked fruit filling, it’s a delicious way to celebrate the holiday season.

40. Roulade

This Swiss roll cake recipe is filled with blackcurrant. Roulade is a classic dessert that never goes out of style.

41. Root Beer Float

Form a kitchen assembly line with your kids, and baking becomes just as fun as the eating. This classic American dessert is made with root beer and a splash of rum. Serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a delicious treat.

42. Ras Malai

Ras Malai is an Indian dessert is made with cheese curds and soaked in a sweet, rum-infused syrup.

43. Rocky Road Cookie Cups

Rocky Road Cookie Cups use pre-made cookie dough means that I can focus on the fun part – adding in the marshmallows, chocolate chips, and almonds. Plus, they’re perfect for kids!

44. Raspberry Custard Tart

Raspberry tart is a light and refreshing dessert that’s perfect for summer. Made with fresh raspberries and a buttery crust, this tart has a sweet, fruity flavor that’s perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth. Top it with whipped cream or fresh fruit for a delicious finishing touch.

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